What Should You Wear to a Wedding

If you have received a wedding invite, there should be a lot on your mind about what to wear. You just cannot choose any one outfit from your wardrobe and be ready to go. There are many things to consider and you should dress accordingly. Think of a situation where you take part in a beach wedding dressed in a long flowing gown. There cannot be a greater fiasco than that. Hence, wedding guest dresses should be chosen with as much care and thought as any other major event in your life.

Here are some norms that you should follow before selecting wedding guest dresses.

· Strange as it may sound, start the exercise by scanning the invitation card carefully for any specific directions. Is there a theme for the wedding? Do you have to follow a specific dress code? Where is the wedding going to be held? Wedding guest dresses for a church wedding will differ greatly from an informal wedding held outside in the open. While a long shimmering gown is right for a formal black-tie church wedding, a pantsuit is right for an informal setting.

· Do not wear black or white dresses. Black is generally not worn to a wedding but white or pale cream are exclusive bridal colors which others should refrain from wearing as it takes the spotlight away from the most important person at the event. If you are on the heavier side and want to wear dark colors to conceal the extra curves, wear dark shades of green, purple, or blue that will look just as good.

· While you should wear relaxed dresses for informal weddings, do not overdo them. Wearing very casual clothes is a strict no-no. You need to look different from your everyday life to get into the mood of the event. In the same spirit, it is advisable not to wear revealing dresses. Weddings are family celebrations and you should be dressed appropriately. Short dresses or ones with deep décolleté are best avoided even for spring and summer wedding guest dresses. Being modest is the norm.

· Keep the weather in mind too. For summer weddings, dresses in bright and pastel colors look great, and hence, choose one that suits you the most. You will get a wide range to choose from at any online or brick-and-mortar store. For winter weddings, it is not necessary to drape yourself in heavy wool. Look chic and sophisticated in a full-sleeved dress or gown and have a fur stole draped over your shoulders. Or you might even opt for beautiful wedding guest dresses with a jacket.

Follow this guide for wedding guest dresses and be the toast of the event.