What Should You Wear For Your Daughter’s Wedding

Gone are the days when dresses for the mother of the bride were in light pastel age-appropriate shades, designed to make you look matronly. Now the focus of mothers of the bride is to increase the glam quotient and look as chic and sophisticated as any other guest at the wedding.

But before diving into whether you should wear a mother of the bride pant suit, a gown, or anything else that takes your fancy, there are certain aspects to be kept in mind.

Regardless of you buying a dress off the rack at a regular or online store or having one tailor-made exclusively for you, start the exercise well in advance, at least a couple of months. One, you will have enough time for alterations and fittings, and second, only after you finalize the fabric and the color can the mother of the groom select her dress. This is the tradition and you should follow it too.

Next, consult your daughter to know if she and the groom have decided on a specific theme of the wedding and whether it is a strict black-tie and jacket affair or an informal wedding at the club. Your dress should be chosen accordingly. You cannot appear in a long flowing sequined gown at a beach wedding because only a mother of the bride pant suit ensemble will fit the bill here.

The color of the dress cannot be selected randomly by you. Here too there are certain limitations. Avoid wearing cream or any color that matches the dress of your daughter. Also, do not wear the same shade as the attendants or the bridesmaids as they should be easily distinguishable from the guests. If they are wearing brown, for example, you can do so too but a shade that is lighter or darker.

While on color, if you choose to wear mother of the bride pant suit, you will be spoilt for choice as you will get a wide range to select from. Try a very light purple pantsuit with a lace jacket with separate shell and pant, and a crew neckline and sequin lace in front. Pick a fabric that is 92% polyester and 8% spandex and is super comfortable and breathable. The suit will be smart and elegant at the same time and both chic and gorgeous.

This is just an example for starters. Experiment with color, design, style, and cut and be the toast among the people at your daughter’s wedding. Look your glamorous best and stand out in the wedding photographs.

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