Mother of the Bride dresses — Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to mother of the bride dresses, the sky is the limit so far as the variety and range of options are considered. Gone are the days when mothers of the brides were required to wear age-appropriate dresses in light beige or cream. Today, the word is experimentation, and mothers of the brides prefer to look no less glamorous than their daughters on the great day.

However, despite the many choices before you, it is necessary to take up the process of selecting a dress as seriously as you would any other aspect of the wedding.

Set the decision-making vehicle for the mother of the bride dresses rolling early. A minimum of three months is advisable if you are aware of the wedding date in advance. There are two reasons for this. The first is that you should keep adequate time for alterations and fittings which might mean several visits to your tailor. This is necessary regardless of whether you order a dress online, pick it up from a wedding boutique, or even have one specially stitched.

The second reason is that traditionally, mothers of the brides get to choose a dress first and the mothers of the grooms follow in their footsteps so far as the color or the design is concerned. This is to ensure that the two mothers have an element of harmony in their dresses.

Strange as it might seem, a major part of the decision about mother of the bride dresses rests on the daughter. Consult her before you finalize the dress. She and the groom might have decided on a specific theme for the wedding and you have to follow it. The dress for a church wedding or a beach one will not be the same and you should know about it. There might even be a color code for the wedding that you will have to follow.

The color of the dress cannot be selected randomly by you. Here too there are certain limitations. Avoid wearing cream or any color that matches the dress of your daughter. On this day, all the focus should be on her and she should be exclusive, even in the color of the dress. Further, do not wear the same shade as the attendants or the bridesmaids as they should be easily distinguishable from the guests. If they are wearing brown, for example, you can do so too but a shade that is lighter or darker.

Keep these aspects in mind when selecting mother of the bride dresses.