A Guide to Sleeved Lace Bolero Jackets

A bolero jacket is apparel that is worn over another dress or outfit. The advantage of having a few boleros in your wardrobe is that you can match them with your old dresses for a new look every time. Hence, bolero jackets add value to your wardrobe and should be a must-have in any modern woman’s dress collection.

Boleros are all-weather, all-occasion outfits. How is that?

Consider the weather first. In summer, wear your pretty floral sleeveless dresses and drape a wispy long sleeve lace bolero around your shoulders. The lace sleeves will not make you uncomfortable in the heat while assuring a chic and gorgeous look. The same goes for matching with lengthier tops, pencil skirts, skinny jeans and a top, and all other outfits that you keep for summer. On the other hand, you can wear a knit bolero or one made of heavier materials when you want to keep out the chill and the nip in the air during winters. There cannot be an outfit that is more versatile than a bolero.

Now check on how a bolero is an all-occasion outfit. Planned an outing with friends and family and want to look gorgeous without much effort? A long sleeve lace bolero will do the trick, more so if you match one with complementary colored dresses. Then there are the formal events like a church wedding or an exclusive dinner date out where a bolero jacket can add a dash of glamour to your looks. For these occasions, top-of-the-line bolero jackets will more than fit the bill. These jackets are available in a fabulous range of colors, designs, and cuts, often embellished with crystals, beads, and feathers. However, these jackets are quite expensive but worth every dollar you spend.

If you are shopping for a long sleeve lace bolero, here are a few options that you will get at reputed online stores or a regular brick-and-mortar retailer.

· Sequin long sleeve lace bolero in an open style with scallop trimmings on the front and sleeve. The same outfit is available in three-quarter bell sleeve length.

· Sequin lace bolero jacket with a cascading ruffle front and three-quarter sleeve length with an all-over sequin detail and made of stretchy lace fabric that clings to the body.

· Sequin long sleeve lace bolero jacket featuring an open front with embellished brooch closure. Also available in three-quarter sleeve length. The bodice is fully lined to give the fit of a formal jacket.

When you go shopping for a long sleeve lace bolero, you will be amazed at the range of stocks on offer.

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